IELTS Speaking Test 14

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Describe an important historical event in your country.

You should say

when it happened

what happened

who were the most important people involved

and say why it was important to your country 


The Umbrella Revolution is one of the most important historical events of Hong Kong. It was initiated by the students in 2014 and lasted for over three months, blocked traffic and usual activities for a couple of months. The movement was initiated to protest against the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. It was a political movement where the police turned violent and the situation went out of control for a certain time. This is a very smart cue card task for a candidate like me. I will answer the remaining questions in brief.

The umbrella movement protested against some political decisions. In the beginning, it was only some peaceful sit-ins by students of different educational institutions. But later, the movement was participated by thousands of individuals from different classes of the society. The demand of the movement was the cancellation of the NPCSS decision. Political harassment was a concerning issue then.

It was a group movement and so, no true leadership was formed here. The movement was participated mostly by a group of students, and after some times, the locals started joining the movement. In fact, it was a movement for free and fair election in Hong Kong so that each of the candidate gets the equal chance to be elected or rejected in the national election. The name was provided by Adam Cotton and social website – twitter helped greatly to spread the name.

It was really important for the country on some grounds. It showed that the people are conscious about their rights and responsibilities on voting in elections. The government termed the movements as instigated by foreign sources and also blamed that the educational institutions were becoming political tools. But it was necessary to give the government a severe blow about political issues.

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