IELTS Listening Questions Test 5

Section 1 Questions 1-10

Questions 1-10

Complete the table below.


Address Rooms Facilities Provided stuff Rental fee Drawback
Beatle Road 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a 1 a nearby restaurant Internet and utilities $ 2 The garden is too big to be cleaned up.
Oakington Avenue 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room Shared living room, bathroom, kitchen and 3 Living room furniture $340 - $400 Due to some shared facilities, it seems 4
Mead Street 2 bedrooms, a living room, 5 TV and VCR a 6 $600 Sometimes it is quite 7

Devon Close complex

1 bedroom, a living room, a study a lamp with 8 ; a dining hall  free 9 $500 Not including 10

    Section 2 Questions 11-20

    Questions 11-20

    Complete the form below.

    Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

    Waste sorting, collection, and disposal

    Necessary characteristics of dustbins: Solid and 11
    Three kinds:

    Waste sorting

    Recyclable garbage (blue or green bin)

    Unrecyclable garbage (yellow bin)

    Toxic waste (red bin)

    Waste collection

    Commercial waste collection:

    It mainly refers to 12 waste.

    Warning signs state not to 13 blue/green bins.

    Those 14 metals will cause environmental pollution.

    Household waste collection:
    All kitchen garbage should be put into a 15 bag.
    Waste disposal

    The garbage disposal plant is situated in an 16 space or field.

    The waste is disposed of at least once every 17

    The dustbin should be cleared at night because of 18

    The waste is mainly produced by 19 , industry, retail, and offices.
    Please do not dispose of 20 in any of the bins.

      Section 3 Questions 21-30

      Questions 21-24

      Complete the sentences below.

      Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

      The research topic should come from one of the headings in the 21

      At least one reference needs to be from 22

      The data Julie found on past experiments is in 23

      Ricky has pointed out that aside from journals, he can also use 24 about scientific experiments.

        Questions 25-30

        Choose the correct letter A, B or C.


        How should the essay be written?

        • A
        • B
        • C

        The main heading is required to be ______

        • A
        • B
        • C

        Regarding all the requirements, the essay must be ________

        • A
        • B
        • C

        Where should the student number the pages?

        • A
        • B
        • C

        What is the suitable width of the margins?

        • A
        • B
        • C

        What should be included in the essay?

        • A
        • B
        • C

        Section 4 Questions 31-40

        Questions 31-38

        Complete the sentences below.

        Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

        This paper pertains to one major concern about water for people everywhere - that is a 31 source of water.

        Australia is a dry continent and thus water is very 32

        We utilise the most water for 33

        We discover the purest water in rivers, creeks, 34

        Rainfall is a useful source of water unless there is significant 35

        People in the West wish the water to be 36

        Water is highly prone to 37

        In the home, one of the most important uses of water is for 38

          Questions 39-40

          Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.


          The mechanisms for water management are

          • A
          • B
          • C

          The government’s 1989 White Paper

          • A
          • B
          • C
          • Answer: living room
          • Answer: 435
          • Answer: washing machine
          • Answer: inconvenient
          • Answer: a study
          • Answer: washbasin
          • Answer: noisy
          • Answer: different settings
          • Answer: evening meals
          • Answer: bathroom
          • Answer: waterproof
          • Answer: building
          • Answer: overfill
          • Answer: heavy
          • Answer: plastic
          • Answer: open
          • Answer: 4 weeks
          • Answer: traffic
          • Answer: businesses
          • Answer: stones
          • Answer: note system
          • Answer: scientific research
          • Answer: scientific journals
          • Answer: (the)/(information from) internet
            Answer: B
            Answer: A
            Answer: B
            Answer: C
            Answer: B
            Answer: B
          • Answer: safe and reliable
          • Answer: scarce
          • Answer: washing
          • Answer: lakes and dams
          • Answer: air pollution
          • Answer: pure and safe
          • Answer: contamination
          • Answer: drinking
            Answer: A
            Answer: B