IELTS Listening Questions Test 2

Section 1 Questions 1-10

Questions 1-3

Complete the notes below write ONE WORD only for each answer.


example : Answer
information source :

found in the brochure

Included services

1 and accommodation.

Sydney arrival date:

15th of 2

Accommodation criteria: 3


Room type:
Credit card holder:
Total cost for one night: 6

Complete the sentence below.

Write no more than TWO words for answer.

The 7  is within walking distance of the accommodation

The customer books 8  

Aboriginals stone carvings are in the  9

The Dreamtime can be experienced beneath the 10

    Section 2 Questions 11-20

    Questions 11-15

    Complete the Notes Below Write NO MORE THAN 2 WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer 

    Public Service broadcast

    Volunteer  workers must be at least  11 years old

    Job applicants should not have  12

    Job applicants are asked to submit  13 and  14 .

    The employer will pay the expenses of  15 and phone calls.

    Questions 16-20

    Complete the table below

    Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER  for each answer

    People need help Duties

    Requirement for volunteers

    Service Time

    Wheelchair users

    Drive clients to scenic locations

     - Excellent health

     - must own a First Aid certificate from the 16


    The blind

    Read books to blind people

     - Read English clearly

     - No 18 is an advantage

    Monday mornings


    Take care of them on holiday

     - have knowledge of basic first aid

     - good health

     - can elevate to a maximum of 20

    1 week in August

        Section 3 Questions 21-30

        Questions 21-30

        Complete the notes below

        Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer

        Environmental change Discussion

         Agricultural work is having an 21 effect on the environment.

        Too much farming operation has caused a serious problem, which is called 22 .

        Many places now seem to look like desert rather than 23 .

        One proof the article had pointed out to show that things can hardly grow in some areas is the 24

        The relation between the number of farmers and the acreage of woodland is 25 .

        One reason for plants cannot grow is that the earth contains too much 26 .

        Researchers have carried out a test to show the 27 of the solution.

        The possible range of salinity to grow plants is 28 .

        The 29 in Dr.Horst's books are useful and worth studying.

        The student needs a 30 to do his presentation

          Section 4 Questions 31-40

          Complete the sentences below.

          Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

          Bees that help with pollination benefit flowers and 31 .

          Bees produce wax that can be made into candles and 32 .

          Dragonflies primarily eat 33

          Insects in summer can be harmful because they can carry such deadly diseases as malaria, 34  and sleeping sickness

          Harmful insects may destroy crops, clothes, furniture, and even the  35

          Questions 36-40

          Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

          How to kill bad Insects

           Chemical Method

          These solutions to insect problems are often not worthwhile because:

           a)      They are effective on a 36
           b)      They Can bring harm to 37
           c)       Insects become 38  to the chemicals quickly.

           Biological methods

           These Methods are 39  than chemical methods of eliminating harmful insects.

           Breeding control method

           In order to control the breeding of insects, one needs to understand the insects’ 40

          • Answer: flights
          • Answer: April
          • Answer: cheapest/budget
          • Answer: non-smoking
          • Answer: John A. Smyth/John A Smyth
          • Answer: 110 dollars/$110
          • Answer: Cultural Centre/Cultural Center
          • Answer: camel ride
          • Answer: desert
          • Answer: stars
          • Answer: 18
          • Answer: police records
          • Answer: references
          • Answer: (recent) CV
          • Answer: transportation
          • Answer: Red Cross
          • Answer: Tuesday afternoons
          • Answer: foreign accent
          • Answer: Disabled Children
          • Answer: 75/seventy-five pounds
          • Answer: adverse
          • Answer: deforestation
          • Answer: jungle
          • Answer: soil samples
          • Answer: inverse
          • Answer: saline
          • Answer: ionisation/ionization
          • Answer: narrow
          • Answer: photographs
          • Answer: map
          • Answer: fruit trees
          • Answer: polish
          • Answer: mosquitoes/mosquitos
          • Answer: yellow fever
          • Answer: (whole) building
          • Answer: small scale/small-scale
          • Answer: humans
          • Answer: resistant
          • Answer: cheaper
          • Answer: life cycle